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Which creative Valentine’s Day gift is best?

Sure, chocolate and flowers are standard for Valentine’s Day. But what if you’re looking for something a little different? Maybe your sweetheart has allergies or food restrictions. Maybe you just want something unique, or money is a little tight this year. The best creative Valentine’s Day gifts are unusual ways to show you care.

It’s not hearts and flowers, but nothing says “I love you” like a good night of sleep. The Musicozy Bluetooth Headphones Sleep Mask is a great option for a sweetie who sleeps to music (or needs some distraction from your snoring).

What to know before you buy a creative Valentine’s Day gift

Your shared interests

Gift baskets are a good option when getting creative on Valentine’s Day, but it’s crucial that you consider what your sweetheart is interested in. Better yet, what are some interests you share? Tailor your gift to those shared interests to keep the love flowing.


Sometimes the most creative gifts are easier on the budget than the stereotypical jewelry, candy and flowers. If you are on a budget, consider things such as coupon books or a monthly subscription that gives year-round.

Time frame

Some of the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts are those that offer something to look forward to, especially when life is challenging. This can be one of the best gifts to give. Consider gifts that can be redeemed in the warmer months or gifts that occur in steps or stages (for instance, gift subscriptions).

What to look for in a quality creative Valentine’s Day gift


Everyone wants to feel special on Valentine’s Day. Make sure whatever gift you choose is personal, even if it comes wrapped in hearts and flowers. A personal gift is one that perfectly matches your beloved.


Let’s face it: we can all recognize when someone has bought a gift because they are supposed to, not because they want to. Additionally, it’s easy to spot the gifts that were picked up hastily at the last minute. Take some time to really consider your partner and what they might like to receive.


A creative Valentine’s Day gift might not look like a typical “romantic” present. Maybe your woodcarving partner needs a handcrafted carrier for their tools. Perhaps the music lover in your life would appreciate a concert date. How about making life around the house easier with a year of housecleaning? These are unusual gifts that make life sweeter and easier for the recipient.

How much you can expect to spend on creative Valentine’s Day gifts

It’s up to you to set a budget for your gifts, but fun, funky presents can be had at prices from $10 and up.

Creative Valentine’s Day gift FAQ

How did the tradition of giving gifts on Valentine’s Day start?

A. As some sources tell it, a priest named Valentine defied a Roman emperor when he continued to perform marriages after they were outlawed in the third century. When Emperor Claudius II found out and sentenced him to death, Valentine wrote a letter to his sweetheart from jail, signing it, “From your Valentine.”

Today, that signature is still used, but flowers and cards have other origins. Flowers were used to send secret messages between lovers and friends in the 15th century, while chocolates and cards began to be signifiers of love in the 16th century. Most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts rose out of some sort of separation between lovers, wth gifts as the thread that kept them connected.

What makes the best Valentine’s Day gift?

A. The best and most creative Valentine’s Day gifts require considering the recipient first. Don’t waste your time and money buying them a gift that you might like to get. Rather, think about things they might like that they would not ordinarily buy themselves. These may not be particularly romantic, but showing that you are listening to your partner’s needs and wants is probably the most romantic thing you could do for Valentine’s Day.

If you demonstrate thoughtful attention in your gift-giving, it almost doesn’t matter what the actual gift is. It truly is the thought that counts.

What’s the best creative Valentine’s Day gift to buy?

Top creative Valentine’s day gift

Musicozy Bluetooth Headphones Sleep Mask

What you need to know: Save your partner from your snoring with this sleep mask-headphone combo.

What you’ll love: Built-in Bluetooth headphones help your partner get a good night’s sleep without disturbing you (or in spite of your nocturnal noises). These quick-charging headphones play up to 10 hours of music and come in 11 colors. The memory foam mask is lined with silk for lightweight, breathable comfort.

What you should consider: It’s pretty bulky, and some users report light leaks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Top creative Valentine’s Day gift for the money

Paladone Personalized Chalkboard Ceramic Coffee Mug

What you need to know: Tell your partner how much you love them with their morning coffee.

What you’ll love: Customize your loved one’s beverage each day with the included chalk. The mug is durable ceramic. At a loss for words? Your sweetie can use the mug for morning doodles while they wait for coffee.

What you should consider: Do not use this mug in the microwave, and hand-wash only to preserve the chalkboard finish.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Worth checking out

Enjoy the Wood 3D Wood Wall Map

What you need to know: Track your travels with your sweetheart with this 3D map.

What you’ll love: Customize it by designing it with an app on your phone. Include place names or leave it blank. It’s handmade and comes with 45 plane-shaped push pins to keep track of where you’ve been (or plan where you’ll go next). Assemble the map easily with double-sided tape.

What you should consider: The color of the wood can vary due to natural variations in it.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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