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Business Profile / New Year goal? Clean and organize the house

Business Profile / New Year goal? Clean and organize the house

Frenchtown Township resident Marie Civiello suggests kickstarting the new year with a clean and organized home.

The owner of Marnell’s Cleaning Service said building a daily cleaning routine 15 to 30 minutes each day helps keep a clean and clutter-free home.

"Everyone makes their new year’s resolutions, ‘I need to get this

organized, so I can get this room clean and utilize it for something else.’ Everyone has the room or the drawer that they just put stuff in until they can file it or go through it,” Civiello said. “I once did a room for a friend who had so many hats in there you couldn’t see what the furniture looked like. She wanted them all organized in the closet. It took me a whole day but I did it. Then, she actually found a bed in there.”

The 57-year-old started her cleaning business in 2018 after an extensive career in food service.

“I really wanted to get out of the restaurant industry. I heard some rumblings that good house cleaners were hard to find. So, I decided that was what I would do,” she said. “Being in the restaurant industry, you really learn how to keep things clean and sanitary. Plus, with my upbringing, both my grandmothers and my mom were excellent housekeepers. Every Friday was cleaning day and we were trained to help.”

Another draw to starting her own business was working with people.

“I loved the people part of the restaurant industry. My bosses used to tell me I could talk to anyone. I really could,” she said. “I started helping my grandmother (Nellie) in her clothing store – Marnell’s Millinery in Ohio. I learned a few things from her on how to treat people and make them happy, satisfied, and returning customers. Marnell’s had a great reputation in our town. That is where I got the name of my business.”

One of the most frequently asked questions Civiello gets from new clients is about pets.

“Many people have pets and they’re concerned about their safety. We love pets and we look forward to seeing our clients’ pets,” she said. “But some pets don’t like strangers or may get stressed, so we suggest keeping them secure and out of the way on cleaning day. Otherwise, feel free to let them roam the house as they normally would.”

Most homes and offices average two hours to clean depending on size, number of bathrooms, kitchen square footage and type of flooring.

Many of Civiello’s customers contract cleaning services because they are enjoying retirement or simply older and have difficulty cleaning.

Business Profile / New Year goal? Clean and organize the house

“Then, there are the families where everything is hustle and bustle all the time and they need help,” she said. “We also provide cleaning services after new construction projects have been completed in a home or office. New construction can be the most tedious to clean because of the drywall and sawdust. It gets everywhere and you really have to make sure all surfaces are clean. Walls, woodwork, and floors. We do the little things that make a big impact.”

Civiello and her employees use environmentally safe cleaning products like Dawn and Lysol and with a little help from social media and a Facebook group, “Laundry Love and Cleaning Science,” the crew stays up-to-date on cleaning tips and trends.

“When it comes to organizing, most people get so far behind they don’t know where to start. Don’t procrastinate! The more you stack, the more impossible the task may seem. Once you start organizing things, you have to keep it that way or you will just get back to square one all over again,” she added. “Commit to filling one trash bag a day with things to donate, shred or throw away. This simple task will make it easier to commit to and complete.”

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Marie Civiello of Marnell’s Cleaning Service and her staff offer the following cleaning tips:

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