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Farmer Luke starts window and cleaning company service

Farmer Luke starts window and cleaning company service

A TALLAGHT farmer who started a premium cleaning company has launched Ireland’s first subscription-based window and gutter cleaning service and hopes to “revolutionise” the industry.

25-year-old entrepreneur Luke Joyce was born and raised on one of Tallaght’s few cattle farms on Tallaght Hill, and was inspired to start his own business, TheCleaningCompany.ie, back in 2017 after noticing a gap in the market for a premium, trustworthy window and gutter cleaning service.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020, Luke used his wealth of knowledge of agriculture and disinfecting and turned his attention to bio-misting to disinfect interiors, and have gone on to disinfect nursing homes, petrol stations and gyms during the last two years.

On the back of the success of the company, Luke has recently launched a subscription-based service that allows customers to have regular window and gutter cleaning without the hassle of arranging it ahead of time.

“We always had the same regular customers calling and booking in every 6-12 weeks, and they would have to find the time to pick up the phone to call us, we would then need to try and find time in the schedule for them, and we may not be able to get to them for a couple of weeks as we wouldn’t be in that area or would be just so busy”, Luke explained.

“The same process would happen with gutter cleaning, where the same customers would call us every year for their gutters to be cleaned, or sometimes they would forget all about their need to clean the gutters for a couple of years, and this would lead to serious damage to the house with dampness and leaks. We found this booking process to be very old fashioned and a lot of unnecessary work for both parties.”

Farmer Luke starts window and cleaning company service

To tackle this issue and provide a hassle-free service, Luke decided to launch Ireland’s very first window and gutter cleaning subscription-based service, which allows each customer to call and book in once for their services on a frequency of cleans that suits their needs.

“We can book for windows to be cleaned every 6 weeks (8 times a year) or every 12 weeks (four times a year), and gutters can be booked annually or twice-a-year if needed”, said Luke. “We can also clean conservatory roofs and fascia & soffits every quarter, 6 months or annually too.

“Another huge benefit to this subscription-based service is the discounts we offer to customers for signing up, with up to 50% off your usual window cleaning price and 20% off the annual gutter cleaning price.”

“We are really excited after the launch, and we hope it helps to revolutionize an old-fashioned industry into a new, exciting and hassle-free service”, Luke added.

TheCleaningCompany.ie currently cover the Greater Dublin Area, including most of Kildare and parts of Wicklow, Meath and Louth. To get in touch and to find out more information about the new subscription-based service, you can go to https://thecleaningcompany.ie/.

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