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I'm a cleaning expert - how to get more uses out of your mop before throwing it away

I'm a cleaning expert - how to get more uses out of your mop before throwing it away

MOPS often get covered in guck and grime pretty quickly.

Many of us think that after a few months, it’s time to get rid of our dirty mops and replace them with new ones.

One woman, a cleaning expert who goes by @mbalisnhlaponhlapho on TikTok, said you shouldn’t be racing your mop to the trash can after a few uses.

In the clip, she began: “Do not throw it away, but deep clean it. Today, let’s deep clean this mop.

“It’s smelling, it’s no longer white, it’s no longer doing the thing that you want it to do.”

She placed her raggedy mop in a large plastic bag and began to douse it with baking soda.

Next, she poured nearly an entire bottle of white vinegar over the mop.

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“And then you close the bag for ten minutes. After ten minutes, we rinse it.”

Her viewers praised her for the tip.

“We learn so much from your videos. Thanks once more sis,” one wrote.

“The amount of bicarb and vinegar I’m buying these days lol my life is so different and I love it,” added another.

A third person offered some additional advice: “I just bleach every time I clean and rinse it when I finish. My mop is always white.”

As for another useful mop hack, a woman named Debra Shigley shared a useful tip she learned from her housekeeper.

Posting to her TikTok account @MyLifeAsDebra, she said:

"Instead of using a normal mop, [my housekeeper] makes her own by taking a rag old towel, cutting a hole in it, and putting it over the bottom part of a broom.”

Holding up a wood broom with no bristles, Debra said that her housekeeper prefers the long bristle brush as it gets into corners better.

"You may have seen something like this, but she doesn't like this one," she added.

"Because she says the method with the broom and the wet rag gets into the corners better."

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