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Khanh Ong Asked Ch10 To Put His Survivor Billboard On A Road His Exes Drove Past Every Day

Khanh Ong Asked Ch10 To Put His Survivor Billboard On A Road His Exes Drove Past Every Day

Reality TV king Khanh Ong revealed the chaotically petty reason why his Survivor billboard is on a specific road in Melbourne and BRB, taking notes for my TV debut.

To promote the show’s Survivor Blood v Water season, Channel 10 placed billboards around the country featuring each contestant.

Ong explained in a recent TikTok that he asked for his to be on a busy intersection where several of his exes frequently drive through to get to work so they’d be reminded of his glow-up every day. Talk about the ultimate break-up flex.

“So I asked the production company and also the network to put one billboard — I didn’t need many just this one billboard — in this exact location and on this exact road,” he said.

“The reason why that particular billboard being in this particular location — South Rd and Nepean Highway — is because this intersection is where four of my ex-boyfriends have to travel through every single day to and from work.

“Petty? 100%. Am I the drama? Possibly. Am I the villain? You’re gonna have to wait and see.”

God, I love him.

Khanh Ong Asked Ch10 To Put His Survivor Billboard On A Road His Exes Drove Past Every Day

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Ong to see if any of his old flames had messaged him since the billboard went up but he did not reply at the time of publishing.

Tragic news for this publication’s resident single wannabe reality TV star who’s in desperate need of an update. Khanh, if you’re reading this, text us xoxo

The celeb chef turned Survivor contestant rose to fame in 2018 when he first competed on Masterchef. He returned for an All-Stars season in 2020 and is currently competing with his young sis Amy on Survivor: Blood v Water.

The season hasn’t even finished airing but PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Cam Tyeson has already called it the show’s best season of all time.

Host Jonathan LaPaglia told us that this season was so intense that several contestants fainted during filming.

“The biggest obstacle, I think, for us, for the players and the crew was the temperature,” he said.

“It was so hot. It was… it was just unbelievable. Twenty minutes in that heat and I couldn’t think anymore.

“I mean, it was so hot that we had several players and crew this season collapse. Yeah, it was pretty brutal.”

Khanh Ong’s co-star Sophie Cachia went on a mad rant on Instagram about the cast and producers after Monday night’s dramatic as hell episode. According to alleged behind-the-scenes tea, the influencer’s salary for the season was hotter than LaPaglia.


Image:TikTok / @khanhong