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Millionaire Ronan Keating and wife Storm refuse to pay cleaner £500 over 'filthy' mansion

Millionaire Ronan Keating and wife Storm refuse to pay cleaner £500 over 'filthy' mansion

RONAN Keating is refusing to pay his cleaner because his wife Storm says she left their mansion in an appalling state.

The multi-millionaire couple hired Jasmina Dimitrieva to spruce up their £5million home as they were moving out.

But she has been left chasing payment of her £500 bill since December — with Storm, 40, insisting the place was left “grimy”.

Jasmina claims she and her team of five were booked on the day removal men came, making the situation “chaotic from start to finish”.

But Storm branded the job a disgrace in a series of fiery text exchanges, which included her sending pictures of an alleged uncleaned toilet and her dirty socks after she walked on the floor.

The Aussie fashion designer blasted: “I have never seen anything so appalling for an end-of-lease clean. There is no way I’d leave a place looking so grimy.

“I’m gobsmacked at how bad this is — dead flowers and even old food left on the shelves?

“None of the skirtings had been cleaned, marks on walls, no windows, some of the bathrooms were appalling.

“Surely, you can’t be happy with this? Cobwebs. Floors weren’t vacuumed or mopped — there were dead bugs and hair and food bits.”

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Storm says she will pay something but is waiting to hear from the landlord if they will be deducted cleaning costs before settling on a price.

The showbiz couple hired Jasmina, who runs JMV Cleaning Services, to clean the house in Loudwater, Bucks, before they moved to Rickmansworth, Herts.

She claimed they were not clear with her from the start and insisted: “It was not my fault that everything went wrong on the day.

“I had to pay the cleaners out of my pocket.

“The Keatings are wealthy people. They should not be treating me this way. How Storm replied was terrible.”

Macedonia-born Jasmina claims she was told the property was a “regular five-bedroom house”.

She said: “Only when we walked into the house did I realise how big it was.

“There were seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and three kitchens. The fee should have been £1,100.

“The removal guys were walking around making a mess. That’s why the floors were dirty at the end. Storm said if I go back and clean the whole house she might pay me the original £500.”

Jasmina, of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, said: “It was my daughter’s birthday and I’d no money to make it special.”

Storm and Ronan, 44, whose hits include When You Say Nothing At All, were asked to comment.