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People Discuss Houseguests Who Overstayed Their Welcome, And I'm Shocked At The Audacity

People Discuss Houseguests Who Overstayed Their Welcome, And I'm Shocked At The Audacity

26."My parents asked a neighbor to house-sit for them while they were away for the week. She lived across the street from them and they had house-sat and watched her dog for her a few times over the course of the year for free because they’re friends and didn’t expect to be paid. She agreed to do this for them in exchange for them returning the favor. They told her, 'Make yourself at home and feel free to hang out there if you would like.' They get back and she had literally been living there all week. Their bed was left unmade with dirty sheets, there were dirty towels in the bathroom, dirty dishes in the sink and in the dishwasher that she didn’t clean. She ate all the snacks, which was fine, but she was also clearly using a bunch of other stuff in their pantry to make meals with."

"To be clear, they told her that she was welcome to hang out there if she wanted to. They left some snack food for her and a few drinks in the fridge, that sort of thing. All she had to do was take in their mail, feed their two cats twice a day, and clean the kitty litter twice while they were gone. Instead of cleaning out the kitty litter (which she knew how to do), she just dumped a giant bag of kitty litter over top of the old, shit-filled litter, to the point that it had overflowed and she just didn’t clean it up.

My parents didn’t say anything, just said thank you to her, and said they’d see her later. She came over a couple of days later and asked where her hundred dollars were that they owed her for house-sitting? My parents were like, 'What?' and reminded her of the discussion they had. She demanded they give her that money because that’s what was 'owed' to her for all that she did. My mom gave her 50 dollars and told her that she wasn’t giving her another cent and that she won’t be house-sitting or dog-sitting for her anymore. They still talk here and there, but that kind of put a damper on their friendship."