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Smart Home Say Goodbye to Dust Bunnies With yeedi’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smart Home Say Goodbye to Dust Bunnies With yeedi’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The best robot vacuum cleaner just landed on your doorstep, and all you need to do is set it up. With robot vacuum cleaners, you can improve both your house and lifestyle without too much effort. Luckily, yeedi vac can do more than just collect dust.

Best Robot Vacuum in 2022

In the recent years, we have seen robot vacuum cleaners become widely available in the market and loved by home buddies. While robot vacuum cleaners are an absolute delight to buyers, only a few manage to remain on top of the market.

As we welcome another year, we also welcome the best robot vacuum that will leave your house spotless.

For this year, the spotlight belongs to yeedi. But who is this game-changer?

yeedi is a brand of robot vacuums founded in 2019 and has been making advanced technology accessible and fun by providing an affordable solution to the world of overpriced robot vacuums.

But that's not all. yeedi also boasts features of their best robot vacuums that will outperform even the most popular robot vacuum cleaner brands.

Plus, yeedi robot vacuums are easy to use, efficient, and quiet. This can help you relax and let it handle all the dirty work.

The yeedi vac

One of yeedi's pride is no other than the yeedi vac robot vacuum, which is specifically designed for carpets. This robot vacuum cleaner has a detector that intelligently identifies your carpet and, in return, would automatically increase suction to clean it well.

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This robot vacuum cleaner has suction power that features 3000Pa, an industry-leading capacity.

Then, through visual SLAM technology, yeedi maps out your space accurately like a GPS, taking pictures of every inch of your floor without missing a spot.

Smart Home Say Goodbye to Dust Bunnies With yeedi’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Additionally, the yeedi vac can be upgraded into a robot vacuum and a mop that self-empties its dustbin. At the same time, the robot vacuum can also be used with mopping modular and self-emptying stations.

For a detailed rundown, head on to yeedi vac's features below to know everything you can expect from the robot vacuum cleaner.


Despite being named as designed for carpets, yeedi vac can also clean deeply on hardwood floors; thanks to its 3000Pa suction power. Because of that, this robot vacuum cleaner would also qualify as the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors.

Furthermore, this impressive suction power makes yeedi vac eligible as the best robot vacuum for pet hairs and such.

Through the use of ultrasonic technology, yeedi's advanced carpet detection sensor intelligently identifies the floor type, and it will crank up suction power when it detects a carpet.

When buying cleaning appliances, you want to make sure they cover everything. Fortunately, yeedi vac is a robot vacuum with mapping capabilities.

With a 110-minute run time, you can clean small to medium spaces effectively. But suppose you live in a wee house, then yeedi vac will leave you enough time for another cleaning session.

To make your life easier, you can seamlessly control yeedi vac from apps and connect it with Google Home and Alexa in just a few clicks.


Are Robot Vacuums Worth it?

The technology behind robotic vacuum cleaners has been steadily improving in the last few years. Earlier models would just vacuum the same spot, and that would be it. Today, we witness new features that make robot vacuums worth it.

With yeedi vac, it guarantees money well-spent on a powerful robot vacuum cleaner. Aside from being one of the best in the market, yeedi vac is much cheaper for a heavy-duty vacuum.

Most importantly, yeedi vac is especially handy if you want to call it a day but pet furs and dust clouds are running around your floors. Hence, this adds up another reason why it is the best robot vacuum to consider buying this year.

Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet

For our final thoughts, the best robot vacuum for carpet and hardwood floors is the yeedi vac. You can do so much with it, and you won't even have to move a muscle.

Plus, this robot vacuum cleaner ties up with other technologies to speed up your cleaning day and make your floor squeaky clean.

No more hiding dust bunnies with yeedi vac. Just purchase one of your own yeedi robot vacuum from amazon and enjoy exciting deals from $299.99 to $209.99! Check out their promo Amazon DEAL OF THE DAY +$20 coupon+ code:YEEDIVAC12 and let the cleaning begin!

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Also,you can order it at Walmart or yeedi store.

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