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The Telegraph turns the spotlight on some more wards of Salt Lake

The Telegraph turns the spotlight on some more wards of Salt Lake

Last councillor: Sabyasachi Dutta

Average of ratings given to last councillor by voters spoken to: 4.3/10

Issues to address: Common grouses are damaged roads, the sorry state of the jhupri (CE Block) Market, flooding during monsoons, mosquitoes and cables hanging from poles that are as much an eyesore as a hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

“The empty plots have turned into vats. Now a month before the elections the authorities have suddenly started cleaning up,” tattled a college student from BF Block. “The cars that stay parked in our lanes round the clock block movement of residents’ cars.”

An AE Block lady in her 40s complained about street dogs. “There are more than 10 of them in some lanes. They are so scary that I’m forced to take a rickshaw even if I have to travel within the block,” she says. “Pet dogs are no better, the way their owners make them defaecate everywhere.”

She asked for speed breakers to reduce rash driving and asked for them to be duly painted so they can be spotted from afar. “The authorities also need to prevent immoral activities that are rampant in the back of cars parked in our lanes after dark. Drivers have flung liquor bottles out of their cars into my house too.”

Almost all voters spoken to specified that they wanted an honest councillor. “We want to build our houses and conduct our businesses without being threatened into paying ‘security money’. We want to be able to approach our councillor without worrying that he may demand money in exchange for his help,” said a 50-something resident of BF Block.

The Telegraph turns the spotlight on some more wards of Salt Lake

Voters also wanted a reliable leader who would stick to the party representing which he would get voted into power.

Did you receive any pandemic-specific help from any political party: Did not need

Will you go to vote: 20 per cent were unsure. “I had not gone to vote last year either due to the pandemic, and I haven’t decided whether to go this time or not,” said a retired government officer of CE Block.

Candidate speak

Sabyasachi Dutta (TMC): The green verges need maintenanceand the ancient drainage system needs complete overhauling to prevent flooding during monsoons. We have had enough of patchwork repairs on roads. I shall ensure thorough repairs that will last at least five years.

Devasish Jana (BJP): I am promising regular sweeping, timely collection of garbage and illumination in streets if I win. Only AE (Part 1) ground is in good condition as it is rarely used. The other grounds are uneven and the gates are broken. They need better maintenance. The roads inside blocks are in bad shape. Drainage will need an overhaul.

Bimalesh Thakur (Forward Bloc): I shall run an honest administration, free from corruption and syndicates. I shall also work to improve roads and drainage.