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 Warframe Update 1.015 Released for Echoes of War This February 9

Warframe Update 1.015 Released for Echoes of War This February 9

Digital Extremes has released the Warframe update 1.015 for both last-gen and next-gen platforms! This patch is for the Echoes of War title update, which is the first mainline update of the year! Read on for the full Warframe Echoes of War patch notes, which the devs call the 31.1.0 title update.

Warframe Update 1.015 Patch Notes | Warframe 31.1.0 Patch Notes | Warframe Echoes of War Patch Notes:

Update 31.1.0 includes PC Hotfixes 31.0.2 – 31.0.11 and new Echoes of War content! The update is ~2.3 GB on PS4 and ~5.28 GB on PS5 (size variations are to be expected based on the ways in which the different systems operate).

The year is 2022, and Digital Extremes is back with the first Mainline of the year.

Less than 2 months ago The New War Quest was launched on all platforms. Our ambitions to have Replay on launch didn’t make it in time, but we made it our top priority to have it ready for our first Update of 2022. There’s still no accurate words to describe our appreciation for all the support and reactions to The New War, and we hope you enjoy replaying it as many times as you wish!

There’s lots more in the Warframe oven for 2022 – thank you for coming along the ride!

In addition, you may notice nods to the Public Test Cluster in some sections. Thank you to everybody that participated in our weekend test! We’ve made some changes in response that you’ll find throughout the patch notes.*

*The following changes/fixes from the PC update will be coming in a future update since they were code and missed our Cert deadline:

  • Due to the newThe New War Somachord Tones needing a code fix after we had already sent the update to Cert, they will be coming in the next future Cert build.
  • Fixed a certain character’s Orvius toss being titled ‘Rip Line’. It is now titled ‘Orvius Reach’.
  • Fixed Galvanized Mod “bonus Damage per Status” not functioning for numerous projectile weapons.
  • Fixed an improbable crash that could occur in ultra-rare cases while Hosting.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Sister of Parvos Showdown fight where Client enemy Hounds remained indefinitely after Mercying.
  • Fixed getting a black screen when a Client enters the Railjack Slingshot of the Host player.
  • Fixed heavy spot-loading on opening Contracts menu in Ticker’s shop.
  • Fixed various cases of Transference allowing you to clip through the level.
  • Fixed seeing a PH name for a squadmates Hound if you joined the mission in progress.
  • Fixed losing the HUD when equipping Shawzin at the same time as K-Drive.

    Experience The New War Quest once more, Tenno! Access The New War Quest in the Codex to Replay. Please note with this implementation the Replay is a full time commitment and you will be locked into the Quest as you were in the first run, so plan accordingly.

    SPOILER POLICY This quest has significant Spoilers for Warframe and its future. While The New War has been out since December 15th, there are still Tenno out there who have yet to experience it for the first time. Please let all Tenno experience it at their own pace, and be kind. Use liberal spoiler tags if you wish to talk about it, and do not ruin the experience for someone else. Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails.

    The Quest can be discussed in our temporary Sub Forum: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1782-the-new-war/

    Please note on Replay (heavy spoilers):

    During the “end choice” moment, you’ll be able to select the other choices for strictly experience purposes. The choice you made in your original playthrough will override it each time once complete.


    Included in this first batch of designs from Round 21, you’ll find exciting Skins and Customizations for your Warframes, Weapons, and more! Check them out now in the in-game Market and support hard-working Tenno designers from the Warframe Community.



    TENNOGEN ROUND 21: PART 2 will follow shortly! Check out which Skins will be coming here.


     Warframe Update 1.015 Released for Echoes of War This February 9

    Descend from on high as the legend that Hildryn truly is. A skin that ensures her legend will echo down the ages. Strength and glory!

    Hildryn arises anew, re-forged in the fires of finest smith-craft. Add splendor to her saga with this collection of deluxe items.The Einheri skin includes a new look for Hildryn’s Balefire Charger. The Deluxe Bundle includes the Hildryn Einheri Skin, Blodgard Heavy Blade Skin and the Brising Syandana. BLODGARD HEAVY BLADE SKIN A master-crafted weapon, forged in fire for the hands of heroes – yet worthy of a goddess. Bestow this skin upon any Axe.

    BRISING SYANDANA The sun rises on the victor and sets upon the vanquished. This is how your legend is made. Adorn yourself with this exquisite syandana, worthy of the sun herself.


    Frost: Biting Frost: Passive Frost gains 200% Critical Chance and 200% Critical Damage against frozen enemies.

    *Acquire from the Cephalon Suda and Steel Meridian Syndicate Offerings.

    Gauss: Thermal Transfer: Thermal Sunder Allies in range gain 75% bonus Elemental Damage for 30s.

    *Acquire from the Arbiters of Hexis and Perrin Sequence Syndicate Offerings.

    Grendel: Gourmand: Feast Instead of Energy, consumes 200 Health on cast and 30 Health Drain.

    *Acquire from the Red Veil and Steel Meridian Syndicate Offerings.

    Yareli: Surging Blades: Aquablades Cast the ability to hurl a single Aquablade, which gains 10% damage per enemy hit by your Aquablades. No cost to throw while riding Merulina.

    *Acquire from the Cephalon Suda and New Loka Syndicate Offerings. ADVERSARY WEAPON GENERATION – QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGE

    As the pool of Adversary weapons grows and your checklist fills out, the natural chance of finding a Progenitor (Larvling or Candidate) with the exact weapon you desire shrinks. This Adversary Weapon Generation Quality of Life change is meant to reduce randomness over time of what weapon a Progenitor Candidate (Sister) or Larvling (Kuva Lich) can spawn with.

    How it works: By skipping a Progenitor (choosing not to Mercy them) the spawned weapon is then put into a ‘reject’ pile for that round of Adversary generation, meaning that it will not appear again and ultimately reducing the weapon pool each time you ‘reject’.

    The list of rejected weapons is cleared once you accept an Adversary and the process would start again from a clean slate for both Sister or Kuva Lich the next time you go looking for an Adversary. This list clearing applies to both Sister and Kuva Lich, meaning once the chosen Adversary is Converted or Vanquished, the list clears for both factions. SEASONAL EVENTS

    STAR DAYS + TENNOBAUM Begins at 2pm ET today!

    It’s Star Days, Stardust! Love is in the air, Ticker has made sure of that. Visit her in Fortuna at her special festive booth to claim Rewards by exchanging Debt-Bonds from 2pm ET today until February 23, 2022 @ 2pm.

    The majestic Eros Ephemera has returned, along with the Neon Eros Wings decoration and Eros Arrow Skin, and don’t miss out on three brand-new seasonal Glyphs; Star Days Ordis, Yareli, and Grineer Glyph.

    Plus, find a home in your Orbiter for the ultra-special Ticker Floof – which can now be interacted with when placed to hear Ticker speak some words of wisdom!

    If you already own the Ticker Floof from last year’s Star Days, the interactive component has been retroactively added to them as well!

    The following have also been added to the in-game Market for the season of love – find them in the ‘featured’ section:

    Tennobaum items can be acquired from Ticker’s Star Days Offerings!

    Our TennoBaum celebrations look a little different this year! Due to factors including The New War’s December launch, we have opted to merge this year’s TennoBaum & Star Days together in the month of February.

    Festive accessories from TennoBaum 2020 will return as part of Ticker’s Star Days offerings, and the TennoBaum tradition of donating will continue with a donation to a charity (to be announced on February 9) on behalf of the Warframe community. While no in-game gifting event and online tracker will occur this year, we’ll also be taking the spirit of gift-giving into a special TennoBaum x Star Days livestream on February 10th, which will be our Prime Time gifting spectacular!

    *As shown on Devstream #159, we have Lunar New Year celebrations coming soon! Stay tuned! DOJO ADDITIONS

    Dojo Architects are you ready?? We have a handful of new Dojo Decorations and some new Rooms as well! We cannot wait to see your continually amazing creations.

    New Rooms Earth Forest Chamber Uranus Chamber

    New Decorations 100 Grineer Forest and Ocean themed Decorations have been added! We’ve got water pumps, turbine blades, cloning machinery and much more! GENERAL ADDITIONS:

  • Added 20 new Operator skin colors options.
  • Added a new Grendel ability tip:
  • Added a tooltip to the Vox Solaris Quest to indicate that you can use your Secondary weapon on the K-Drive.
  • New Thumper variants have been added to the Post-New War Plains of Eidolon! By selecting the Narmer Bounty you’ll find these Thumpers ambiently patrolling the Plains.

    REFLECTION PROBE CHANGES: We rebuilt reflections across the entire game when Enhanced Graphics Engine is enabled to use modern high quality texture format which improves the quality and punch of gold, bronze, chrome, and other metallics. This change reduces the noise, makes them more vibrant, and ultimately more balanced overall. A lot to visually enjoy during your replay of The New War!


  • The Options menu has been reworked to bring some new and reorganize the old! This is the beginning of our broader Options menu rework efforts that will continue in a near future Update, stay tuned!
  • DISPLAY has been renamed to VIDEO.
  • Added 3 new headers to the AUDIO tab: Sound, Sound Mixer, and Voice. Respective options have been moved within the headers.
  • Added 1 new heade to the INTERFACE tabr: User Interface (alongside HUD). Respective options have been moved within the headers.
  • ORB VALLIS CONSERVATION CHANGE: In addition to the already existing Conservation method of Trail & Tranq, all species of animal on Orb Vallis can now be found ambiently in the wild! (Bolarola, Sawgaw, Kubrodon, Horrasque, Stover, Pobber, Vermink). Due to the endangered nature of the species, the rarest subspecies will still need to be tracked down by following their trails. GENERAL CHANGES:

  • Enemy reinforcements will now spawn more frequently in Exterminate and Assassinate missions in Plains of Eidolon Bounties.
  • Unified the drop rate of each house’s MK II and MK III weapons dropped from Corpus Crewships in Pluto Proxmia and Corpus Veil Proxima regions to Uncommon (12.50%).
  • Railjack Crew Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos can now Revive players and Crew!
  • Lavos’ Vial Rush has been slightly changed in the name of performance. When casting Vial Rush zones from previous Vial Rush are removed but deal a one time damage proportional to their remaining duration.
  • You can now replace an existing Arrival Gate in your Dojo should you choose to.
  • Amped up Nechramech summon FX and added summon animations.
  • Improved Bow animation movement to better match sprint turn speed.
  • Made some lighting updates to the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Updated the Orbiter Arsenal floor to make collision more accurate.
  • Improved frequency of rare tiles that almost never appear in some Grineer Shipyard tileset mission types.
  • Softened the look of hair/fur while using the Enhanced Graphics Engine option (Temporal AA remains unchanged). Refined look to the shading.
  • Adjusted the Ogris and Kuva Ogris Nightwatch Napalm FX to be cleaner and use energy color consistently.
  • Added Zarr alt-fire FX.
  • Improved the colors in the waterfall FX in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • Changed Oberon’s Passive description from ‘buff’ to ‘link’ since allied companions stats are calculated based on Oberon’s.
  • Made improvements and fixes to out-of-bounds & AI pathing in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Increased the variety and randomization of the Cambion Drift underground tunnels to give the space a more lively feel.
  • The Amalgam Furax Body Count Mod now applies a Blast proc and Stagger on Melee kills.
  • Added locations for Gems, Ores, and their derived types to their descriptions.
  • Enemies will no longer throw grenades at adjacent walls when trying to hit an out-of-sight target.
  • Toned down the brightness of Revenant’s Mesmer Skin FX. It will also now be hidden while in Archwing.
  • Removed Parazon Finisher prompt on flying enemies, since they have to be grounded to become eligible for said Finisher.
  • Added animations when performing Parazon Finishers on Crawlers.
  • Converted the following weapons when used by enemies to PBR:
  • Improved how Pobbers and Kuakas handle sloped terrain.
  • Gas City door scanners are now more lenient and their trigger has been narrowed.
  • Using the Arsenal will now mute background dialog from NPCs and Pets.
  • Gyre Elite Outrider now correctly drops Zekti MK II weapons again.
  • Removed Trading eligibility for the Korumm.
  • Made improvements to lip sync animations and eyeball materials for the Operator.
  • Reduced the volume of electricity Status Effect sounds.
  • Reduced jump exertion sound interval for a post-NW character.
  • Elite Outriders now drop the same Mods as regular Outriders in Railjack missions (in addition to the Wreckage they already drop).
  • Added a ‘Narmer’ category to the Simulacrum Spawner screen.
  • Reskinned the Captura Settings UI screen to provide an updated look!
  • A continuation of the ongoing UI Reskin efforts.

    NEW WAR REPLAY FIXES Thanks to everyone who participated in our Public Test Weekend for New War replay functionality (and possibly first-time Quest runs)! Over 200 testers shared their reports spanning the entire New War quest. We’ve done our best to focus on the larger issues, and those that affected replay functionality, in time for this mainline release. We have you to thank for the following issues being resolved:

    We still have a number of reports that are being investigated, so expect more improvements to trickle in during future Hotfixes if they are not code! The New War Changes & Fixes:



  • Fixed issues with Ash’s Bladestorm pausing if you ran far away from the targets during the stabbing.
  • Fixed Coildrive mesh lingering after completing the Ambush Bounty stage in high level Bounties in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed ability to put Sydon Rivens on the Korumm.
  • Fixed inability to select Bloodshed Sigil Bundles after backing out.
  • We’re looking into other players not seeing it.
  • Fixed ability to carry Data Masses and your Primary weapon at the same time – you should switch to your Secondary as intended now.
  • Fixed certain Tenet weapon FX appearing when Skins are equipped.
  • Fixed a wonky character mesh during the “Hey Kiddo” moment.
  • Fixed Operator teeth being stained pink. Show me them pearly whites!
  • Fixed sometimes spinning uncontrollably when completing certain Mastery Tests. This also fixes the same scenario happening to the Warframes Displayed in the Personal Quarters when visiting an Orbiter.
  • Fixed join-in-progress players sometimes seeing Hounds with the default name and/or no body parts.
  • Fixed join-in-progress players sometimes seeing a Hound belonging to a different Sister than what everyone else sees.
  • Fixed a spot-load when the Hound of a player that joined in progress spawns.
  • Fixed another case of Data Keys not dropping from Orb Vallis Jailers, if a previous Drone Defense or Case Capture Bounty stage occurred approximately near the location you searched the body.
  • Fixed Caliban’s Passive not working in certain situations.
  • Fixed missing Kela De Thaym VO when entering the Rathuum arena.
  • Fixed rising through the floor when entering the Rathuum arena.
  • Fixed numerous issues when playing Komi during The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed Void Shadow causing Client Operator to blink and Ephemera to appear when they are hidden.
  • Fixed Nightwave screen no longer auto-scrolling the Ranks to your current Rank spot.
  • Fixed the Kerulyst Sentinel Attachments not mounting properly to Taxon.
  • Fixed inability to Chat Link the Mark of the Beast Mod.
  • Fixed numerous misaligned Sugatras when equipped on the Ravurex Gunblade Skin.
  • Fixed Throwing type weapons using the reload animation of a Bow.
  • Fixed swapping weapons while the Verdilac is mid-animation resulting in it becoming improperly offset from your Warframe.
  • Fixed numerous Ostron NPCs having incorrect facial features.
  • Fixed Euphona Prime reload sound when using the gun as Secondary without a Glaive.
  • Fixed a script error when selling a weapon that a Railjack Crew Mate has equipped.
  • Fixed Orb Vallis Jailers sometimes spawning hundreds of meters away and not commuting to the objective.
  • Fixed Grineer pod launcher cannon not working in Grineer-to-Corpus ship Invasion / Crossfire missions.
  • Fixed Invasion Events (Fomorian or Razorback Armada) not triggering when eligible to.
  • Fixed a post-NW Captura Scene not respecting placed Decorations.
  • Fixed rare case of Mod Capacity going into a negative state when Upgrading Mods when you are over MR 30.
  • Fixed lingering muzzle FX on the Tenet Cycron
  • Fixed excessive force feedback during Caliban’s Razor Gyre ability.
  • Fixed missing lip sync animations during the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed a script error when an Adversary fails to spawn after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a Companion weapon not applying all equipped Upgrades if they are valid for the weapon’s current configuration but the weapon has a capacity upgrade and the Companion does not.
  • Fixed Corpus Outpost tilesets with snow having black snow falling in their outdoor segments.
  • Fixed incorrectly sized ‘X’ button callout in the Dojo Room Options screen.
  • Fixed camera not panning out when attempting to view different Orbiter Appearances.
  • Fixed a script error after purchasing the Orbiter Captura Scene and then attempting to use it.
  • Fixed Grineer Outrider kills sometimes not being attributed correctly in Railjack which could result in not getting the drops you would expect.
  • Fixed Railjack Crew members targeting the Grineer Missile Platform Turrets when Piloting instead of the Radiator mission objectives, which when playing Solo understandably caused frustration. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/s8p418/this_is_how_an_elite_crew_member_pilot_ai_looks/
  • Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos Railjack Crew members Health value in mission not matching the values displayed in the Dry Dock. Your Adversary Crew will now reflect the Dry Dock value!
  • Fixed inability to use the Emote wheel in Captura.
  • Fixed Cinematic Mode not toggling when using a controller in Captura Advanced Camera Controls.
  • Fixed volume levels for Caliban’s Abilities.
  • Fixed a script error that could sometimes result in a crash while attempting to kill the last enemy in the Mastery Rank 25 Test.
  • Fixed UI overlap when opening the Pause Menu while using the Polychrome.
  • Once we get news of the event or expanison, we’ll let our readers know.

    Source: Warframe forums