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Why a Glasgow cleaning company believes there is a gap in the market in Fife

Why a Glasgow cleaning company believes there is a gap in the market in Fife


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A cleaning company will create up to 17 new jobs in St Andrews after discovering a gap in the market in the Fife town.

Businessman Graeme McEwan founded Brick Sand Mortar, a Glasgow construction property services company, in 2016.

The firm specialises in builder cleans – where companies are brought in to get a newly-built house ready for its new occupants.

Its other speciality is student accommodation end of tenancy cleans.

Gap in St Andrews cleaning market

The businessman believes there are no companies in St Andrews large enough to take on the projects they specialise in.

He says: “St Andrews is a very affluent town. There is new housing being built and the town provides for a large student population.

“Each academic year there is a large turnaround of student accommodation.

“The tight time frames and the manpower to undertake these cleans requires companies with a depth of cleaning staff.

“That makes it difficult for companies from Edinburgh and Glasgow with a travelling time of over an hour to get to St Andrews to do an eight-hour shift.

“We did some market research along with an external consultant. We identified that there was an avenue to offer our services in St Andrews.”

Healthy competition among local firms

Brick Sand Mortar has already submitted a tender for work on student accommodation.

Within the next month the owner will know if he has been successful with that bid.

Brick Sand Mortar will not be taking on work cleaning houses on a weekly basis.

Mr McEwan says competition with other cleaning firms is always healthy.

“Either they have to come up to our mark or they won’t be successful in winning contracts and we won’t be successful in repeat business unless we do a good job,” Mr McEwan adds.

“We’ve spoken to some companies who are all saying the same thing, getting quality cleaners is what you want.

“A cleaner isn’t just a person with a van and a mop.

“You’re dealing with someone’s most expensive asset – their property.

“It’s got to be given to a company that’s reputable and knows what they’re doing.”

Brick Sand Mortar creating jobs

The Glasgow-based businessman is looking to hire local people.

Instead of employing agency workers he wants a cleaning crew trained within the company.

Mr McEwan estimates he will need around 17 staff to start up in St Andrews.

“If I base it on what we have done in Glasgow when we were doing one large development, we had 17 staff working 24/7 for a period of time,” he says.

“We have put the foundations in place.

“It’s now building from these foundations to offer a good service.

“We’re starting with a blank canvas, but hopefully this time next year our business will be a recognised professional brand in this area.”

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