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DIY couple save £5,000 on walk-in wardrobe renovation using clever Ikea hack

DIY couple save £5,000 on walk-in wardrobe renovation using clever Ikea hack

A couple who didn’t want to spend a fortune on walk-in wardrobes managed to build their own using Ikea units.

Megan Righelato, 25, and Chris Forshaw, 27, from Stansted, London, saved around £5,000 by taking on the DIY project themselves.

They moved into their home in October 2020 and began renovating the four-bed property straight away.

Megan, who works as an accountant, had always dreamed of having a walk in wardrobe - but was quoted £6,000 online.

But the couple were able to build their own for around £1,000 after using Ikea units and doing all of the work themselves.

Megan said: "The house was built in 1990 so a lot of the decor was outdated.

"We knew we wanted to renovate the property and one of the first things we started on was the walk in wardrobe as it was always a dream of mine.

"I noticed the master bedroom was a good size and mentioned a walk in wardrobe to Chris but when we moved in our furniture, that's when we really saw potential for one as there was plenty of space.

"Chris started by building a stud wall, adding plasterboard and making it into a proper room.

"We then painted it and added all the interiors like the Ikea units and rails.

DIY couple save £5,000 on walk-in wardrobe renovation using clever Ikea hack

"The Ikea units cost us £600 and the rest of the painting and building materials was around £400 so we managed to save a lot of money by doing it ourselves.

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"We both have our own sections and use it everyday.

"I never thought I would have a walk in wardrobe so it's a dream for me and by using Ikea pax units, we're able to change it in the future if we want to."

The wardrobe took 12 weeks to complete and consists of hanging space, drawers, a full length mirror, vanity desk and plenty of storage space.

The walk in wardrobe measures at 46.4 square foot and cost the pair £1,000 to build thanks to their DIY saving hacks.

Megan added: "For anyone wanting to do a similar thing, I'd recommend working out the layout before getting started and shopping around for the best deals.

"Work out how you want to prioritise space and take your time with it."

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