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Easy & Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your House - Emagazine.com

Easy & Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your House - Emagazine.com


The process of renovating a home to increase its energy efficiency can be done in many environmentally-friendly ways. From solar panels on the roof to energy-efficient appliances, these green ways to renovate your home can save you money, improve your health, and help the environment. With aging homes and declining budgets, it is easy to let the upkeep overshadow the style of the house. However, adding eco-friendly and stylish features to your home will not only help you keep your utility bills down but will also add to the appeal of your house and set it apart from other ordinary homes. But what can you do to get things started?

Install Solar Panels

After reading so many other posts about installing these to save money, it is understandable to roll your eyes when you see this option again. However, it is included here for a good reason. Solar panels have evolved so much that they are now at the point where they can provide a large amount of your overall electricity. Although the days of earning your money back after a few years from energy buy-back schemes are a thing of the past, a single upfront payment could save you substantial amounts in your electricity bills every month. If you have money sitting around as cash, slowly devaluing from runaway inflation, you might as well invest in something that can provide for you for years to come.

Make Your Own Furniture From Reclaimed Wood

A renovation doesn’t only have to involve the house’s structure; you can also renovate the furniture you have inside. If you are handy and have some proper tools on hand, you can often find some pretty lovely hardwoods ripe for reclaiming and transforming into existing new furniture. All you need are a few tools to make the process go smoother. For instance, if you are using more significant bits of timber, you will need band saws for woodworking which will allow you to cut them down to manageable sizes. Aside from that, you will need a range of saws to shape the wood, chisels, a drill, set square, and a whole lot of elbow grease to get started. Once you fill your house with reclaimed wood furniture, not only will it look great, but you will have saved a considerable amount of money from not buying new furniture.

Put In A Low-Flow Toilet

When living in a drought-prone area, a low-flow toilet is ideal. A low-flow toilet is more efficient because it uses less water per flush. This means that the tank will fill up faster and be refilled less often. You will need a plumber to install these toilets for you and connect them correctly unless you are a tradesperson yourself.

Install Insulation In The Roof And Walls

One of the most important things you can do to reduce your home’s energy costs is to insulate your roof. By reducing air leakage in your home, you can lower your heating and cooling costs, make your home more comfortable for you and your family, and increase its efficiency. Adding insulation to your roof is also an environmentally friendly decision because it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. The same is true for wall insulation, but this might require more extensive work depending on how your house is built. If it is a double-skinned brick construction, they will fill the air gap with insulating foam. You will need to ensure that the suitable foam is used between the structure and the drywall if it is a single skin or timber-framed building.

Create More Natural Lighting And Airflow

If you are doing any form of extensive renovation, you could use the opportunity to make larger openings to allow more natural light to enter. This will reduce energy bills, provide you with a great view and improve your health to boot. If this isn’t possible where you live, you should consider changing to double-glazed windows that can open in various ways. The more airflow you can create, the less you will need to rely on heating or cooling systems. It is also better for your health if you allow fresh air to circulate around your home.

Upgrade To LED Lighting

The final step in the eco-renovation game is to replace all of your lighting with highly-efficient LED lighting. If you redo your ceiling, you can add spotlights to illuminate a room more effectively than other methods. Moreover, LEDs cost less to run, last longer, and come in a range of color temperatures that you can sometimes change using a remote.

You can save money, protect the environment, and add value to your home by renovating your home in an eco-friendly manner. If you are considering a renovation but want to make sure it’s done in an eco-friendly way, you can use the information in this article to get started.