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Fixtures bonus 2022: three ways to access the discount, who can request it

Fixtures bonus 2022: three ways to access the discount, who can request it

by Zach Shipman

Window bonuses for 2022: the government has renewed the possibility of accessing the incentive again as part of a renovation of the property.From this year there will be three ways to replace obsolete fixtures with the incentive, namely the Superbonus 110%, the Ecobonus and the renovation bonus.

Bonu infissi with Superbonus 110%

The fixtures bonus will be at no cost with the 110% Superbonus: the expected reimbursement is the total expense incurred.The replacement of doors and windows must take place together with the carrying out of at least one main or towed job represented, for example, by the installation of a thermal coat that guarantees the insulation of at least 25% of the dispersing surfaces of the building, or of heating systems using heat pumps or condensing boilers.The reimbursement can be obtained when the entire renovation guarantees the building a leap forward of at least two energy classes.

Bonus fixtures with the Ecobonus

To change the fixtures you can take advantage of the Ecobonus 50%.The subsidy consists of a 50% deduction on the costs incurred for the replacement of new doors and windows, but also for shutters, shutters, awnings, up to a maximum cost of 60 thousand euros.Since the goal is to improve the energy efficiency of the home, reduce the consumption of gas and light, the works must be certified by a leap forward in the energy class.Furthermore, to benefit from the deduction, the replaced parts must delimit a heated volume towards the outside or towards unheated compartments and must guarantee a thermal conductivity value less than or equal to the limit established for the climatic bands of the different zones (the maximum deductible cost of windows per m2 varies from 550 euros in zones A, B and C to 750 euros from D to F).The reimbursement can be obtained either through a deduction in the tax return (you will receive four annual installments of the same amount), or through a discount on the invoice or credit transfer to be requested directly from the supplier or credit institution.

Bonus fixtures with the renovation

The fixtures bonus can be included in the restructuring one: the operation can take place as a single job without the need to combine it with other interventions in order to obtain the benefit.The tax relief of 50% on a spending ceiling of no more than 48 thousand euros.The deduction will be paid in the form of a reimbursement of personal income tax, in ten annual installments of the same amount.The relaunch decree proposes, alternatively, two methods to be used: the discount on the invoice and the assignment of the credit.

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