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gamerant.com Batman: 10 Best Batsuits From The Comics

gamerant.com Batman: 10 Best Batsuits From The Comics

Though he was not the first DC superhero, Batman has become the poster child for the DC multiverse. He's been in thousands of comic books series, including ones that are not his own. He's been in games, movies, and TV series that have turned him into an icon.

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As eras changed, so did Batman, and since his debut in Detective Comics #27, Batman has worn a plethora of different Batsuits. While some simply do the job, other suits have made an impact to become beloved favorites among fans, helping inspire some adaptations of the Caped Crusader.

11First Appearance Batman

There is a lot about this particular suit that hasn't aged that well; the purple gloves don't fit at all, the obtuse ears are a bit odd, and the all-cloth design is not practical. However, this suit's influence is still being felt almost a century later with many Batman comics harking back to Detective Comics #27.

The purple gloves made a return during the Batman: Zero Year comics, the symbol is actually similar to what has been shown with Robert Pattinson's Batman, and many versions of Batman retain an all-cloth look. Despite its drawbacks, there is a charm to this classic suit that will likely never leave.


10Heavy-Armor Batman

As great of a fighter as Batman is, taking on the likes of Bane or even Superman requires an edge. That's where the armored Batsuit comes in handy which most fans think of from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. In that, he fought Superman and barely won thanks to the help from others and some gadgets.

This same suit was directly translated into live-action and worn by Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It's big, mechanical, features glowing eyes, and has a distinct look that retains the Batman design but is more massive with a presence that can scare any metahuman.

9Gotham By Gaslight Batman

Victorian-era settings have a certain appeal, such as when Gotham City was plagued by Jack The Ripper in an alternate universe. This is the concept of Mike Mignola's Gotham By Gaslight, the creator of Hellboy. In this Elseworld story, Batman sports a large black trenchcoat, high collar, goggles, and a more rugged suit that fits the dark and gothic era.

In Mike Mignola's always unique art style, the suit translates well, especially in the shadowy alleys and rooftops. Batman is considered to be an urban legend in this version of Gotham and the design helps give him that boogeyman vibe meant to instill fear into the hearts of criminals.

8Batman Beyond

The DC Animated Universe left quite the impact: not only did Harley Quinn join the official canon but so did Batman Beyond. Existing in a bright and cyberpunk future version of Gotham City, it's harder to blend in hence why he wears an all-black suit that is so dark that it's difficult to see any detail.

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This suit gives Terry the look of a living Batman silhouette, a stark contrast from the neon city he operates in. However, he does feature one cyberpunk-like aspect and that is the bright red insignia that helps the suit pop just enough to give it a familiar but fresh look that has remained as the definitive Batman Beyond design.

6Batman Incorporated

A mix of old and new, Batman Incorporated takes the standard gray suit with dark cowl and cape design and revamps it for a then-modern age. The utility belt was given a new high-tech design, the classic yellow oval symbol was given a slight twist, featuring a more armored look.

This was also one of the first comic book Batman suits to remove the old-school underwear on the outside look. Instead, Batman Incorporated features a more uniform look that would become a standard for many years to come in both comics and adaptations.

5Jim Lee Batman

In many ways, Jim Lee created what could be considered the definitive design for Batman in comics. Jim Lee took the famous gray and blue suit from the 70s, 80s, and 90s comics and put a modern spin on it. The result is a design that is often used to represent Batman in comic book form.

It's a rather minimalist design for Batman but done effectively. The cowl, the cape, the symbol, the belt, and the bodysuit itself were nothing really new. However, Jim Lee and his distinguished art style made the suit stand out and appeal to fans.

4Earth One Batman

Batman: Earth One took the world, mythology, and yes, even the design of Batman reimagined it. The Earth One Batsuit is much slimmer, more akin to Frank Miller's Batman: Year One design but puts even more emphasis on the homemade aesthetic.

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There is a more grounded approach to the Earth One Batman; the utility belt sticks to a metallic gray finish instead of the usual yellow/gold design and instead of the usual all-white eyes, Batman's human eyes are illustrated, similar to what is seen in all the Batman films. Even the design of the cowl itself with the short ears and thick material is slightly reminiscent of Ben Affleck's cowl.

3Zero Year Batman

Zero Year retold Batman's first year in Gotham going from an urban vigilante to being the Gotham Guardian. Much to everyone's surprise, Zero Year brought back the purple gloves on a more armored suit as Batman fought some of his iconic villains like The Riddler and Doctor Death.

Zero Year also showcases Batman experimenting with gear that is far from typical for him such as a longbow, crossbow, and more paramilitary tactical equipment. The suit itself also helps reflect Batman as a character, starting more flawed and the more he evolves, the better his suit becomes.

2Rebirth Batman

By 2016, it would seem like nothing could be done to change the Batsuit even further. Well, Rebirth came along and proved that wrong. Rebirth gave Batman a black cape with a purple interior, a more modern Batman insignia that featured a golden trim, and a sleek yellow and black utility belt.

Similar to Batman Incorporated, the Rebirth Batsuit is a perfect hodgepodge of old and new. Taking aspects from many suits of the past and merging them together along with some twists to create a new iconic suit. A fitting suit for Rebirth as it rebooted the entire DC universe to make a better world.

1Lee Bermejo Batman (Noël)

The artwork of Lee Bermejo is nothing short of award-worthy due to his visuals looking almost real in some shots. The amount of detail put into each image is jaw-dropping; that definitely goes for his unique take on Batman that became most famous for in the story Batman: Noël.

The Batsuit Lee Bermejo created features khaki-like fabric over armor similar to Kevlar, really embracing the military look. Even the utility belt looks straight off the tactical gear of a modern-day soldier. The cowl, cape, and insignia have always been one of the stand-out features that help Bermejo's Batman stand out and has appeared in the long-running series of Batman: Arkham games.

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