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Inside the Savannah Home Ty Pennington Is Renovating With New Wife

Inside the Savannah Home Ty Pennington Is Renovating With New Wife

GettyTy Pennington at the 128th Tournament of Roses Parade.

Ty Pennington and his new wife Kellee Merrell are renovating a historic home in Savannah, Georgia. The “Rock the Block” host has been documenting the process on his Instagram account.

The 57-year-old shared an overview of the renovations on Instagram. “It’s a start…..” he wrote. “I realized yesterday I’ve been kind of a bad Instagrammer. Just completing renovations but not showing the ‘before’ or much of the process. I’m gonna do my best to make more of an effort moving forward. It’s hard sometimes to balance it all but wish me luck ha!”

He added, “Note: most of these ‘before’ shots were from the original listing. Apologies for the low quality!”

When sharing photos of his bathroom, Pennington revealed the couple will have spent nearly 2 years renovating their home. “On another note: it’s now been over a year since we’ve been under construction,” he wrote. “We got the “keys on Sept 1, 2020 and we’ve been renovating ever since. We probably won’t be done(ish) with the main house until this summer. That’s almost 2 years. Just want to put things into perspective. I know TV renovations can leave people feeling frustrated when their own projects don’t move as quickly. TV renovations are like unicorns and while they are amazing, it’s just not realistic for most people. So if you’re currently deep in the renovation trenches, know we are right there with you. And in the end, it’s all worth it”

The newlyweds said “I Do” at their “19th-century” house on November 27, 2021, reported People. They announced their engagement in July of that year.


Pennington shared a view of his bedroom, including the bed, wallpaper, light fixture and a guitar.

“Scenes from the bedroom….,” he captioned the Instagram post. “And before someone says, “the light should be more to the right!”…. On the left side is a wall of closets with French doors. If we put the lights too far out, the door would have knocked the light. Function vs. Aesthetics… You win some, you lose some!”

He shared a look at the doors, which were custom, writing, “mirrors are hard to photograph!! And no they aren’t dirty, it’s the antique gold finish. The color on the top left corner is the true color.”

Bathrooms & Powder Room

So far, Pennington has featured three bathroom makeovers and a powder room, including the guest bathroom. He captioned the post, “No place like home ….. or our guest bathroom ha! One of my favorite spots in the house.”

The “Trading Spaces” carpenter revealed he and Merrell are getting their own bathrooms.

Inside the Savannah Home Ty Pennington Is Renovating With New Wife

“As promised- making more of an effort to show you the design process,” he captioned a post about her bathroom. “Next up in the main house is my wife’s bathroom… yes we have separate bathrooms! It’s a small(ish) house but it still has 3 baths and powder room. For this bathroom it’s not AS MUCH of an overhaul.”

He continued, “The bathtub/shower tile had recently been replaced and while it wouldn’t be Kellee’s first choice, she said it felt wasteful to rip it out, so we’re leaving it as is (just switched out the faucet for gold instead of chrome). Kellee prefers baths over showers so there’s no need for glass or a shower curtain. To break up the white tile, we’re going to hang a piece of art over the bath, do a creamy limewash on the walls, harlequin marble floors and a new vanity with a stone vessel sink. Stay tuned for the result”

Calling his bathroom “a bathroom fit for a gentleman,” he wrote, “This bathroom is still a work in progress- much like the rest of the house but it sure is nice to have a working shower again.”

Pennington shared a picture of the renovated vanity and wallpaper in the powder room, simply writing, “Details….”


One of Pennington’s more dramatic makeovers can be seen in the kitchen, which now features navy cabinets and a retro-inspired fridge.

As he wrote on Instagram, “A bowl of tomatoes a day, keeps the doctor away” …… that’s how it goes right??”

Also seen in the kitchen is a painting of a lemon, reminiscent of the lemon tree outside.“Fruits of our labor…..” he wrote of the plant. “jk the lemon tree was thriving when we bought the house.”

Carriage House & Tiny Pool

Pennington does not plan to reveal his home’s exterior “for privacy reasons” but has shared a look at the back of the house which features a carriage house and pool.

The photo he shared on Instagram, taken from the rooftop patio, is captioned in part, “We are absolutely loving the pool btw! I get in it almost every night (it’s a hot tub too).”

“We’ll be tackling the inside of the carriage house in the spring and can’t wait to show you the plans for that. Stay tuned!”

He added, “Sidenote: the shutters were accidentally painted the wrong color- they’re supposed to be more of a green blue. So they’re going to be repainted.”

The “Ty Breaker” host revealed the dimensions of the tiny pool are 9 feet by 9 feet. It is also 5 feet deep.

“No place like home ….. or our guest bathroom ha!” he captioned the pic. “One of my favorite spots in the house.”

Dining Room

Providing just a preview of the dining room, Pennington captioned an Instagram post, “Morning light….”

He shared more details in another post, writing of the dining room’s floors, “if the floors look a little rough it’s because they’re 170 years old but we like them anyway!”

Living Room

Pennington shared a glimpse at his living room, which features a painting above a stone fireplace and blue-tiled floors.

“What remains….” he captioned a photo with his remaining wedding florals stashed in the room.

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