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Savvy mum transforms kitchen with money-saving makeover for £279

Savvy mum transforms kitchen with money-saving makeover for £279

A mum-of-one hopes others will be inspired by the budget renovation of her kitchen, which avoided the need to spend thousands of pounds transforming the workspace.

Rosie Holt, 29, who lives in Swansea and works for an insurance company, turned her wooden kitchen into a gorgeous sage green space using Frenchic paint, vinyl flooring and new ebay handles.

Instead of spending £1,500 on a new kitchen, Rosie pulled off the project for just £279.

Rosie, who has a two-year-old daughter, told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK : "I have always wanted a sage green kitchen and knew when I was buying my own house I was going to put my own touch on it.

"I loved the original kitchen but it was just too plain for my personality so I knew this was the opportunity for me to change it and have my sage green kitchen."I painted all the cupboards in Wise Old Sage Frenchic Alfresco paint. I prepped the cupboard drawers first before painting by washing them down and using sugar soap after. Sugar soap is a must when painting with Frenchic as it makes things so much easier.

"I wanted to keep the same handles and spray painted them black however they didn't turn out well so I bought new handles from ebay. Another challenge was having to fit the handles.

"I couldn't find any the same size as the previous ones so had to buy bigger ones, fill in the old holes, sand them down, paint the doors and then re-drill new holes and put on the new handles.

Savvy mum transforms kitchen with money-saving makeover for £279

"The flooring was expensive as I had to have latex placed on the floor first as the tiles weren't flat that the previous owners placed.

"Originally I was going to get herringbone flooring but when I went to look at all the vinyl flooring I saw this one and knew it was perfect for my kitchen. I mixed the latex and placed this on the floor making sure it was all level.

“Cost-wise, the floor was £225, the handles were £31, and the Frenchic paint was £22.95. I never had any intentions of getting a new kitchen as this kitchen was still in very good condition but if I wanted a new kitchen it would have been roughly £1,500 at the cheapest.

“So I have saved over £1,200 doing it myself. I am so proud of how the kitchen has turned out!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “Kitchen renovations are a notoriously expensive part of transforming a home, but Rosie has shown that you can totally change the look of your space for under £300!

“It’s hard to believe it’s the same room, with the on-trend colours, handles and flooring totally elevating the space.”

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