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Their home design brings a bit of Prague, and a dash of Delhi, to Revere new construction

Their home design brings a bit of Prague, and a dash of Delhi, to Revere new construction


“One loves warm, layered looks in rich golds,” Fulmer says. “The other prefers a minimalist approach that skews more European.” However, they could agree that furniture profiles would be light and airy; neither wanted pieces with heavy wooden bases.

To bring the entryway’s 16-foot high ceilings down to a human scale, Fulmer hung a multi-pendant jute chandelier that fills the space without feeling heavy. A stylish vignette dresses up the wall along the stairs, and provides a drop spot for mail and keys. It also encapsulates the home’s overall style — modern layered in warmth — with a console made from a rich multi-toned wood slab on a skinny, geometric metal base.

An upholstered bench sits across from the console, delineating the entry from the living area. “It’s a shoeless household,” Fulmer explains. “The bench offers a comfortable spot to remove your shoes and can also be used for seating in the living room.”

Hemp wallcovering draws the eye into the living space and infuses what was essentially an all-white box with texture. A swirled rug establishes the color palette and, along with the rounded silhouettes of the sofa, womb chairs, and coffee tables, helps soften the square lines.


Their home design brings a bit of Prague, and a dash of Delhi, to Revere new construction

Rather than dominate with only rich hues, Fulmer found balance by including cool grays. Like the rigid concrete side tables and asymmetrical chandelier, the counterintuitive decision supplies nuance and depth. “Without juxtaposition, the room would feel flat,” the designer says. “Now it feels curated.”

An open bookshelf lends separation between the living space and the kitchen. The owner from India is accustomed to more privacy between those areas. While he didn’t want to completely close off the kitchen, he also didn’t want to grant guests a view into the fridge. The solution works well because it also gives the couple a spot to display books, plants, and photos.

Next to the kitchen, Fulmer anchored the dining area with statement lighting. Nine frosted-glass orbs hang at varied heights above a round pedestal table with a herringbone top and a burnished metal base. The chairs’ upholstered, sloping seats are perched on pointy metal legs. “Mixing clean lines, some round and some straight, with luxe materials in warm neutrals satisfied both clients,” Fulmer explains.

Fulmer outfitted the room to the right of the entry as a cozy retreat. The concept was particularly important for the owner from the Czech Republic, who grew up gathering around a fireplace with his family. The space affords the pair a private space removed from the many guests they host from overseas. In addition to the deep sofa, laid-back lounge chairs, and cushy leather ottoman, an oversize chair nestles atop a sheepskin rug in the bay window reading nook.


The owners, who travel extensively for their jobs, appreciate the peaceful place they return to. “We set everything up while they were in Prague,” Fulmer recalls. “When they walked through the door, they couldn’t believe their eyes, and immediately FaceTimed their parents to share every detail.”


Interior design: Trevor Fulmer Design, trevorfulmerdesign.com

Wallpaper and painting: Waida Painting & Decorating, waidapainting.com

Painting: Hy-Line Painting, hylinepainting.com

Art installation: CVI, cvinstallations.com


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