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www.makeuseof.com Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Try This Website

www.makeuseof.com Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Try This Website

House design is an incredibly complicated process with many moving parts. There are plenty of different ways to make this process easier, however, but rarely are these tools also free.

That’s where KitchenPlanner comes in. Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire house or just get ideas for a new kitchenette, this tool lets you do just that quickly, easily, and entirely for free.

What Is KitchenPlanner?

KitchenPlanner is an online service which allows you to design and create your dream kitchen. That means that you won’t need to download anything to get it running, the software works entirely from within your browser.

If you’re worried about how that might impact the performance of the application, don’t be. KitchenPlanner has only a short activation period before it begins running smoothly and seamlessly from your webpage.

You’ll be able to see your creation in both 2D and 3D views. This lets you design the perfect floor plan for your kitchen and the space that you have available for you, while also letting you see just what you’ve accomplished as if you were walking through.

There’s a huge variety of options as far as furniture and appliances are concerned as well. Just about any concept you have will be possible to visualize using KitchenPlanner, regardless of the type of counter or oven you’re looking for.


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Thankfully, KitchenPlanner also allows you to save any number of your creations, as long as you create an account first. Considering the impressive amount of freedom you’ll have to play around and adjust everything, this is a greatly appreciated feature.

Finally, KitchenPlanner even helps you to find a quote on the kitchen that you’ve built. By partnering with dealers and manufacturers, KitchenPlanner can help you find an offer catered specifically to your needs.

How to Design on KitchenPlanner

KitchenPlanner’s entire process can be broken down into three steps. There’s a lot of depth for you to find in each step, but only if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’d rather a quick and rough plan, then that’s easy to accomplish as well.

1. Layout

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the layout of your kitchen. Any choice you make now you can freely adjust at any time, so don’t fret if you think you might make a mistake. You’ll be offered five different basic shapes, pick the one that best suits the layout of your own kitchen.

From there, you’ll see the option to hide or show different walls. This is perfect if you are planning for part of a bigger open space or simply need a walkway. You’ll need an entrance to your kitchen, after all.

If the space features a sloped ceiling, KitchenPlanner has an option to support that as well. You’ll be able to adjust the angle of the slope in just a moment when you look at the rest of the room’s dimensions.

www.makeuseof.com Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Try This Website

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Speaking of, that’s all there is left to do in this first step. You can drag the walls in and out to adjust how close or far apart they are, or manually input their length based on measurements. You can similarly adjust the height of the room from the pop-out panel on the right.

You can add any wall protrusions or wall segments via this panel as well. If you want to show or hide skirting boards, then this is also the place to do that.

Finally, you can add windows, doors, heaters, and more from the left panel. You can access things like electrical sockets, partition walls, or interior columns from this menu as well.

2. Furnish

Now that you’ve finished constructing the layout of your kitchen, it’s time to move on to the second step. Here’s where you’ll be furnishing your kitchen. A good base may be your current kitchen layout, or perhaps you’d prefer to start from scratch.

Regardless, you can choose from a tremendous variety of furniture from the left panel. Each option will often be split down into more options. KitchenPlanner splits base units, for instance, into six categories, with each category containing plenty of options within.

You can filter all of these based on values such as height or depth, if you so wish. Many can have their width adjusted later as well.

You’ll find appliances in this menu, too. Range hoods, ovens, and fridges, as well as both tables and chairs. The options on some of these may seem a little lacking at first, but you can adjust most from the right panel to help find that perfect fit.

3. Design

The third step is where you get to finally adjust the overall design of your kitchen. By default, most of the items you’ve added will have a white or wooden finish. Here, you can change all of that.

From the left panel, you can select the various parts of the room such as the ceiling, floor, and walls. There are options here for various features, as well, such as stone floors or wallpaper.

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Where this really starts to make the kitchen feel your own is when you apply this to your units and countertops. You can do this by selecting each piece of furniture individually from the right panel, or to all pieces of furniture by selecting them from the left panel.

The same general rules apply here. You can search for options based on various features such as matte or wood coverings, and whatever you choose you’ll see applied to your furniture and appliances.

From here you have your design finalized. You can save it to your account if you want to come back and refer to it later.

Get a Quote From KitchenPlanner

You can also request an offer from one of KitchenPlanner's manufacturers. The quotes are free of charge and entirely non-binding, so there’s nothing for you to lose by simply asking for a quote if you desire.

Plan Your Entire House

With your dream kitchen now perfectly designed, all that’s left to do now is start renovating.

But your kitchen is only a part of your home, and even if you can’t renovate, you can always redesign. Luckily, there’s a considerable range of tools available for you to use to do just that, all available at your fingertips.

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