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Continue Your Lunar New Year Celebrations At This Stunning St Paul’s Restaurant • Ivy Asia

Continue Your Lunar New Year Celebrations At This Stunning St Paul’s Restaurant • Ivy Asia

The Ivy Asia, St Paul’s welcomes the Year of the Tiger with a six-week celebration.

London’s Lunar New Year celebrations are pretty impressive, often attracting diners, drinkers and revellers from all over the country. But, if you missed out on last week’s festivities in the capital, don’t fret – the celebrations at Ivy Asia, St Paul’s are going strong, and will continue well into next month.

Between February 1 until March 15, lively (and utterly beautiful) late-night restaurant and bar, Ivy Asia, St Paul’s, is bringing the Lunar New Year festivities right into the heart of city, with themed entertainment, limited-edition cocktails and an exclusive dessert added to their menu. Located within the New Change shopping centre, across the road from the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, the restaurant and bar assure you’ll be in for a real treat – and they’d be right.

Upon arrival in the lobby, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who will direct you upstairs into a space that can only be described as otherworldly. By day, yes, it is impressive, but by night… just wow. The floor glows a jade green, the ceiling is subtly lit, revealing an intricate dragon fresco, and the whole space is positively buzzing. There is attention to detail like no other in every bit of the room, from floor to ceiling, down to the chopstick rests (top tip: flip them over to reveal the inscription for a little laugh). The wow factor continues as you gaze out the window, cocktail in hand, at the impressive views of the grand St Paul’s Cathedral.

On selected dates until March 15, guests at Ivy Asia will enjoy a series of live entertainment performances alongside their meal. These will include lion and dragon dancers throughout the evening, and live DJs, taking place each Saturday.

Continue Your Lunar New Year Celebrations At This Stunning St Paul’s Restaurant • Ivy Asia

You’ll notice the limited-edition cocktails are inspired by the animal of the year: the tiger. The four hero cocktails vary in style and flavour, so you’re sure to find one that tickles your fancy. For example, the King of the Mountain, with an intricate rice paper tiger image atop the liquid, uses Wyborowa vodka, Akashi-Tai Umeshu plum sake, raspberries and lime juice, and tastes rather fruity. On the other hand, the Moonlight Treasure, made from Olmeca Altos Plata tequila, Campari, lime juice, a plum blend and agave, is more tart with a kick to it.

Between the special Lunar New Year cocktails and dessert, you’ll likely want some substantial food – or not; no judgement if it’s a cocktails and dessert only kinda day. If you do want to try what’s on offer through, Ivy Asia’s main menu has some pretty tasty small plates, large plates, sushi and sides. We recommend the soft fried buttermilk chicken, with its satisfyingly crunchy coating; the refreshing yet spicy lobster, lychee and aromatic duck fried rice; and the melt-in-your-mouth, cooked-to-perfection pork belly.

Ivy Asia’s exclusive Lunar New Year dessert will ease any chocolate cravings, no problem. Not only is it rather generous in size, The Tiger combines chocolate mousse, a brownie, toasted coconut ice cream and chocolate pearls. There are multiple textures, but that familiar chocolatey goodness, plus some surprise popping candies too.

The tiger is the third of 12 astrology signs in the Lunar calendar, and represents strength, bravery, courage and adventure. This year, the sign will usher in luck, health and prosperity. And arguably, there’s no more apt way to raise a glass to this new year than with a specifically crafted cocktail that looks like tiger.

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