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Latest planning applications in the Grantham area

Latest planning applications in the Grantham area

Home extensions and tree fellings are among the latest plans near you.

Corby Glen, S22/0047: Mr P Binner - Erection of single storey extension to south elevation at 4 High Street.

Caythorpe, S22/0093: Mr & Mrs Pearce - Remove existing outbuildings and replace with purpose built outbuilding. Solar to be provided to roof at The Old Laundry, 34 High Street.

Fulbeck, S22/0186: Mr Alan Gibson - Raise existing retaining walls and roof in to form a garden store at Pear Tree Cottage, Washdyke Lane.

Horbling, S22/0120: Mr Gary Stonestreet - Proposed single storey rear extension at Beech Cottage, High Street.

Barrowby, S22/0140: Mr and Mrs MacGregor - Re-application related to S21/0705. Extended garden Room and Master Bedroom with balcony. revised fenestration and external finish at Lilac House (Formerly Trencom), Casthorpe Road.

Sedgebrook, S22/0142: Newbold and Yates - External works; replacement of cement render with lime, replace of uPVC rainwater and waste goods and the replacement of external doors and windows at Chestnut Farm, Village Street.

Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, S22/0143: Mrs Henna Evans - Conversion of Garage to a Kitchen at Linna View, Main Street.

Easton, S22/0148: Cholmeley - Modifications to the existing courtyard storeroom to provide enhanced retail space including new roof covering with roof lights, insert 2no. rear elevation windows, 3no. new doors into front elevation within existing openings and internal changes including new floor, ceiling and wall finishes at Easton Walled Gardens.

Carlton Scroop, S22/0149: Mr Taylor - Retrospective planning permission for a pitched roof to existing flat roof, replacement fenestration and doors and rendering to all brickwork above dpc at Manor Lodge, Heath Lane.

Latest planning applications in the Grantham area

Long Bennington, S22/0154: Mr & Mrs Fox- Proposed single storey flat roof garden room extension, with new raised roof rear extension including new entrance porch canopy at Old Vine House, 11 Wheatsheaf Lane.

Grantham, S22/0155: Mrs Noemi Gyori - Proposed two storey extension to the side and a single storey extension to the front and rear of existing dwelling at 34 Saltersford Road.

Grantham, S22/0166: Mrs H Harrison - Proposed erection of attached garage to the north side of the property at 3 Cheviot Close.

Barrowby, S22/0172: Dr Charles Charkton - Remove limb branch of Ash and reduce height of main trunk by one third. Reduce the height of green Holly and Variegated Holly by one third. Prune the branches on Sycamore and Field Maple Trees. T9 and T10 To remove. prune the branches of the yew tree. Prune the branches of the two Yews to hedge at Corner House, Rectory Lane.

Dry Doddington, S22/0175: Phil Turner - Proposed two storey side extension and single storey rear extension at 3 Claypole Lane.

Grantham, S22/0176: Mr David Parry - Section 72 application to vary condition 1 (Approved Plans) of planning approval S21/1214 to alter units 4 and 5, including repositioning of, and insertion of additional, rooflights and changes to external doors and windows at Harrowby Farm Yard, Hall Lane.

Billingborough, S22/0184: Mr Kevin Jones - Removal of two small high level windows and the introduction of 3 in number rectangular windows to facilitate natural light into ground floor kitchen area. Also altering casement window in upper gable end to a fake window (Tax Window) at 10A West Road.

Grantham, S22/0185: MBNL - Installation of a 25m slimline lattice tower, apertures for 6 antennas, 7 no. equipment cabinets and associated ancillary development thereto inside a new 10m x 10m palisade fenced compound at land off Hollis Road.

Billingborough, S22/0187: Mr Erik Anderson - Work to trees T1 silver birch - fell, T2 silver birch -reduce height by 2m and crown by 1m, T3 silver birch -fell, T4 silver birch - reduce height by 2m and crown by 1m at 15 Church Street.

Long Bennington, S22/0202: Mr M Ballaam - Change of use of land to rear of development from Agricultural to domestic garden at Land Adjacent To The Old Telephone Exchange, 25 Vicarage Lane.

Grantham, S22/0203: Karen Carling - T1 - beech. Reduce back overhanging branches by a maximum of 1.5m in from the tips. T2 - beech. Reduce back overhanging branches by a maximum of 1.5m in from the tips at 3 Dudley Road.

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