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www.thegamer.com Animal Crossing New Horizons: 7 Best Uses For The Glowing Moss

www.thegamer.com Animal Crossing New Horizons: 7 Best Uses For The Glowing Moss

Animal Crossing New Horizons fans have been having a blast playing the Happy Home Designer DLC. Designing vacation homes for villagers is fun, but it’s even better when you get rewards for your fun projects. Not only will Lottie offer you items from a shop in her office, but there are even more discoveries on the vacation islands to be made.

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You can find naturally growing plant life that can be used to spruce up your island at home, glowing moss often accompanied by vines. The glowing moss is beautiful in its natural state, but it also can be used for new crafting recipes. We found the best uses for the glowing moss that you should try on your island.

7Spruce Up A Garden Or Forest With A Glowing Moss Fountain

The entire glowing moss set is most beloved by Animal Crossing players that have a fairy, woodland, or cottagecore themed island. It’s the perfect blend of a natural look with a whimsical aesthetic.

The glowing moss fountain is one of the most popular glowing moss themed items, if not the most popular. It’s a gorgeous fountain that outshines other fountain items for any outdoor setting. This piece of furniture is perfect to make a forest glow during the evening or to make it easier to see the flowers you spent time carefully planting when it gets dark.


6Plant Glowing Moss Around Your Island

Many players appreciate the natural beauty of the glowing moss. It has a gentle glow that lights up your island at night, and it changes its color to match each new season. Animal Crossing players used to appreciate the natural look of weeds, but now the glowing moss is overtaking the overgrown weed look in popularity.

The glowing moss would be perfect to line a pathway or popular spot where many villagers walk and visit your island. With each step, it releases tiny glowing spores that resemble fireflies.

5Use It To Trade On Nookazon

On the popular Animal Crossing trading website Nookazon, bells are not always the currency. Most players like to trade for items that are harder to get such as Nook Miles tickets, the vines, and the glowing moss. This makes the moss valuable, even to those who are not using it for their own needs.

If the glowing moss does not fit into your island aesthetic, it still can be extremely beneficial for you to check your happy home paradise for it every day. The moss will re-grow over time naturally behind the Paradise Planning office. Once you’ve collected enough, you can use it to trade for items you’re looking for. Either that, or you can be generous and gift this rare item to a friend who may happily use it for crafting on their island.

4Bring Its Beautiful Glow Into Your Home

One of the most unique features of the glowing moss is how it interacts with your villager when you walk over it. Most items in Animal Crossing allow for player interaction, but it usually requires clicking on an item to trigger it. However, with just a simple stroll around the island, the moss releases beautiful glowing spores into the air.

If you’d like to bring something so visually stunning into your home, you can craft your own glowing moss floor. The flooring will perfectly fit into any forest, garden, or outdoor themed room. When your villager walks across this flooring, it glows a soft green and releases the same spores into the air just like the natural moss outside.

3Hang It From Your Ceiling

The Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC expanded the possibilities of home decoration. Not only are there new items to decorate with, but there are entirely new features such as accent walls and the ability to hang furniture from your ceiling. These possibilities give players a lot of room to express their creativity.

The hanging glowing moss is a beautiful accent for any room. The most obvious choice would be to hang it in a cottage-core themed room or a room with a lot of plants. It adds a soft green glow to a corner of your space. The moss can be customized into a huge variety of colors, so it can add gentle lighting to any room’s aesthetic.

2Decorate A Dark Room

Animal Crossing New Horizons has introduced many types of glow-in-the-dark items. Players love the starry wallpaper that glows in the dark and with the latest popular glow-in-the-dark villager, Ione the squirrel. With the glowing moss, players can also now craft glow-in-the-dark-stickers to hang on their walls.

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The glow-in-the-dark stickers are an adorable new item because they can be customized in many ways. The sticker set can be music notes, dinosaurs, creepy handprints, and more. The darker the room they’re in, the brighter they glow. You can use them for a cute addition to a bedroom or make a dark room creepy with a dripping handprint design.

1Roleplay As A Witch

For the longest time, Animal Crossing players with spooky islands and potion shops used the kettle bathtub as a “cauldron” to tie their witchy rooms together. With the latest Animal Crossing update, the suspicious cauldron now outshines that old-style cauldron.

You’ll need glowing moss to craft your own suspicious cauldron. It is full of a strange glowing potion made of moss and magic. Pairing this with creepy skeletons or the magic circle rug will make any room magical and mysterious. You can wear a mage hat and feel like a witch making a witch’s brew when you tap on the cauldron and cause the concoction to burst in a puff of smoke. NEXT: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise - How To Visit Other Players' Creations

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